Rural School Project

The p???????????????????????????????oor family in the rural area cannot earn even 2$ per day, their nutrition has no sufficient protein, hence some of the families don’t have possibility to give to their child even 1$ per day for his/her studies while the government’s education in Cambodia is totally free but the teachers are paid a low salary and sometimes they have to wait for a few months to get a one-month-salary. Hence, as a result, some teachers oblige each child to pay between 30 cents to 1$ a day for the various things such as lessons, photocopies, meals, cakes and exam fees. Unfortunately, many poor children cannot attend the school regularly while they are afraid of their teachers asking for money.

So???????????????????????????????me of the parents know that the education is very  important for their child’s future, although they have no  alternative to support their child since their daily income is  little. The countryside’s children give up their classes for  finding the foods as frogs, crabs, fishes and some kind of  natural vegetables from the forest for their family’s meal. It  still lacks of motivation to encourage children in the  countryside to go to school since their parents have no higher  education.

Your hearted donation of 30$ or 40$ per month to support a countryside child through GO will make the child to receive a full education in all subjects as the primary school’s curriculum having Khmer studies, mathematics, social science, art, moral and sport. For the high school’s curriculum having mathematics, biology, chemistry, Khmer studies and English. You have alternatives to support a child from kindergarten school to high school and if you wish to continue to support your sponsored child at the vocational training school or university, GO will be grateful on behalf of the child.

GO will use your donation for payment the school uniform of the child such as shirts, skirts, trousers, shoes and socks, included the study materials as textbooks, pens, pencils, erasers, rulers and bag etc. For the transportation, GO will buy a bicycle for a child, so that the child can ride it to school easily, if anything wrong with bicycle GO will help to repair. In case, your sponsored child got sick, GO will also support through our doctors and nurses.

How to start to sponsor a child? ???????????????????????????????

Please send an email to describing about a child whom you want to sponsor or if it requires more information relevant the child, our team work will provide full information for you. For the amount fee, you can select to support with 30$, 40$ or 50$ a month that can be paid through your bank account or western union to our GO’s bank account either by termly, semester or yearly. As soon as GO received your advance payment, our team will keep updating any reports of your sponsored child with GO.

GO promises that every single cent of your donations are sent to GO will be supported your child’s education, GO will not use your generous funds for the external costs or administration purposes. You can select a child whether a boy or girl as you prefer, also you have full rights to offer additional supports to his/her family after receiving our details about the real situation of your child’s family for serving daily economic or small owner business. If you wish to visit the family of your sponsored child, our social worker will be pleased to bring you.