Sponsor a University Student Project

???????????????????????????????In generally at the end of the academic year in high school, all  parents of the poor families are hampering about their son or  daughter’s future because most of them do not have enough  possibility to send their son/daughter to a university. Some  families force to sell their properties and some ask a load  from the micro-finance or local bank. In this case, many poor  families fail in dept, no ability to pay for the weekly or  monthly interests, and then the domestic violent happened in  the family, argument and divorce. Some families decided to  ask their children to drop out to go to work as a garment worker or a lower building construction worker for earning some money to support their brother/sister’s studies in the university. It will become big troubles for the family and society if our young people don’t get a high knowledge.

Some students decide to work without continuing their studies, despite they achieved outstanding results at high school because they feel pity their parents who cannot afford to pay the fee of university and other needs such as study materials, uniforms, rental room (includes water and electricity payment) and transportation etc.

GO would like to share this opportunity to support a student who is talent and capacity to complete his/her university, unfortunately, according to poor economic situation is unable to afford the fees and other necessarily needed.

Your generous sponsored will be a great help for the student’s family, community and the society. For the fees, it depends on how popular university is and the major, normally it costs between 400$ to 450$ per year.

All GO’s staff are from the poor background, they are currently earning their bachelor degree in the university in the evening and working with GO in the day time to gain experiences but as GO doesn’t have possibility to pay them a high salary, they find it difficult to support their studies, daily living and their family. GO would love to invite you to contribute scholarship for our staff member in order to improve their knowledge and capacity for helping the poor people in this country.

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