GO supports the elderly, children and those who need help urgently according to their situation. You can get involved with us by sponsoring as the list cost of each project below, your sharing is the most welcome for the poor. If you wish to donate more than that, you are more than welcome. If you wish to donate for our big project, please contact us with the detail information as we provided in the Contact Menu.

N0 Sort Description Cost
1 Kit-Elderly Rice 50$
Food and Cooking materials
2 Kit-Children Clothes 40$
Study supplies
3 Sanitation Well made by hands 500$ – 700$
Well made by machine 1800$ – 2000$
Small toilet for family 170$
Medium toilet for community 500$
Big toilet for public school 1500$ – 2000$
4 Machine Sewing machine 150$
5 Materials Roof of house (Tang) 50$
Roof for house (zinc) 200$ – 300$
Farming supplies 200$
Beauty salon supplies 500$

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