A couple came to Cambodia to live in 2014. The husband had a job that worked in other areas of the world, but he wanted a place to live that did not involve his work. Once in Cambodia the couple found that the country is very poor and many people needed helps. It was a goal of the couple to help out in whatever community they lived in. The wife was taking language lessons and asked her instructor how could they help. The instructor was already involved with helping his community through an established organization but had dreamed of starting his own NGO because he and his friend who is a businessman were born in a poor family, they understood well about the living of the poor, they found it very difficult even in living and studies. They were asking monks to give them a place while they were studying in high school as their houses are far from the school. They often remind themselves if they have opportunity they will help the poor people in Cambodia all their best to bring them up for a better life.

One that was different and set apart from what was a typical organization in Cambodia. The instructor, the couple and a businessman started having meetings on how to help the poor and Grateful Organization was created. Our dream is to help the poor communities. Our vision is to provide training and tools that promotes self-sufficiency and sustainability in the communities served. Our hope is through these programs the communities will learn to rely on themselves instead of others to take care of themselves.