Our Outreach Program serves the rural residents for a better living by providing many kind of services, another important is to conduct assessments on different topics for the community and individual family according to the real situations. To perform each program properly, we also work with local relevant authorities.???????????????????????????????

Our Outreach Programs are:

  1. Follows up health care, provides kits and some cash to the elderly each month
  2. Conducts workshop on public health system and education
  3. Provides education on domestic violence, using drugs, alcohol and traffic accident
  4. Provides education on consultant for poor people
  5. Provides sanitations, water wells / pumps, toilets and housing
  6. Provides farming equipment supplies to the poor farmers
  7. Provides sleeping supplies like: blankets, mats and mosquito-nets
  8. Supports poor children in public school by providing study supplies and bicycles
  9. Conducts seminar for public school teachers for better education system
  10. Grants small business to the poor families
  11. Provides training courses on sewing, beauty salon, handmade of souvenirs, farmings and feeding animals in the community
  12. Works with poor people who live in the garbage places.

Grateful provides also the emergency or disaster case to the poor families such as sending the elderly to the hospital or private clinic, homeless, poor widows, abandoned child, death, crossed river (born baby), etc.