Health Care

Grateful could work with poor rural families with the assistance of our sponsors and volunteers to treat up illness. The most important health problems with the rural residents are malnutrition, malaria, tuberculosis, typhoid, hepatitis, fever and diarrheal diseases.

Every month, Grateful provides free hygiene education workshop to families in the communities to promote the health care and to check health for the people.

Grateful also brings the doctors and nurses to check health and give medicines to the people, especially the elderly.

The poor people in the countryside cannot afford to pay standard hospital when they get serous ill. Some of them decided to sell their property for treatment their ill to be relief since most of the doctors in Cambodia need money more than curse the disease of the patients.  Also the consultation is costly. If you are poor, you must queue while the rich people able to enter and have consultation first. Hospitals and clinics are the place where providing service to the patients.

It became a habit when they got sick, they only thought that they had got a fever or headache, hence they bought cheap medicines in the local pharmacy which has no license from the department or ministry of health.

Some of the patients decided not to go to the hospital or clinic because they thought that it would cost much money and another problem was with transportation.

Grateful goes directly to the community to check with poor families, if any case seriously our social workers and volunteers will report to Grateful directors, then Grateful will send them to the public hospital or private clinic according to the fact condition and emergency case.